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”that only sports fanatics and gamblers bet and that you always lose a lot of money” has introduced an entirely new platform to wager bets for fun. Betting is not always to win money! - it can be fun when you bet against your family, friends, and colleagues. brings this same fun and excitement of the game when you wager friendly bets by inviting people in your social circle. will gather You in a frindly wager around sporting events - and make it much more exciting than just watching.

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Awesome features

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Single Bets

Create or join new bets every day. You can choose your bets from all the major sports and leagues: Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Ice hockey or Tennis.


Create a multiply match tournament where you can include events from the different sports in the tournament. You can even create continually running tournaments.


Betpoint will at any time keep track of bet-ranking and the number of winners. Our coins makes it possible to make bets with a stake.

Auto update scores

Select the match and event of your desire. Lean back and receive updates on scores as it happens. Nice and easy.

GPS connect

Are your friends busy and do you have no one to bet against? - don't worry - Just create a public GPS game and set the range - Great way to make new acquaintances.

Chat function

Important part of the fun is to tease your friends with their ridiculous result guess or their love for the completely wrong team. For this, the Chat feature is a great tool.

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